Ya feel me?

You Don't Get to WEAR THAT

by john consoli

my new book is now available on in e-book and paperback format.

An Amazon Kindle "best Seller"

Critic's Review:

"You Don't Get to Wear That is the story of the author's struggle to come to terms with his demons, one of which happens to be his own father. In this auto biographical whirlwind stand-up comedian John Consoli uses wit, humor and self deprecating sarcasm to address the harrowing trials and tribulations of a harrowing life experience that includes animal abuse, child abuse, organized crime, the federal witness protection program, adultery, the Hells Angels, the United States Marine Corps, drug abuse and a giant named "Eddie the Fru". The amazingly tragic tale of a life gone wild and back again serves to carry a message of hope and conquest. it is engaging, fascinating and often laugh out loud funny.